A Modern, Inclusive Design to Aid Independent Living



The plug is very easy to locate – it guides itself in and takes only a limited push to engage the plug, far less than a standard plug. Removal is also very easy and can be done with one finger.


People with even the slightest dexterity disability will have problems inserting and removing a standard plug, which can lead to a loss of independence. The Ezi-Plug offers a solution to this problem with its innovate design.



The socket automatically switches off when the plug is removed, and cannot be switched on if the plug isn’t engaged. It is therefore almost impossible for a child to get a shock by pushing something into the holes.

This plug is long overdue for disabled people, as its ease of use is remarkable

Rheumatoid Arthritis affects between 0.5 and 1% of adults in the developed world and the disability market sector in the UK alone is estimated at approximately 2 million households

The Ezi-Plug is an electrical mains plug and socket which has been designed for people with physical disabilities such as arthritis, problems with physical strength and control, and visual difficulties. The ease of use of the plug and its modern design offers advantages to all people, by including previously excluded users, and by offering enhanced functionality to more able users.